Social Studies - Day 2

Please see post on the home page for instructions.

Click here to find the Social Studies assignment for the second blizzard bag day. Please make a copy (File --> Make a copy) and type in the template. When you are finished, share it with Mrs. Rapoza or Mr. Schaffner.

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Blizzard Bag Instructions!

Welcome to the Blizzard Bag page for the entire sixth grade! While we hope you get a chance to enjoy our winter wonderland, remember that today counts as a school day. Complete your assignments neatly and thoroughly. Your assignments are due within two days of our snow day. You will be considered absent on a Blizzard Bag Day if you miss the forty-eight hour deadline, but you will still need to make up the work. We will be available online from 8:00-9:00 AM and from 12:30-2:30 PM to answer questions. You can email us at:

Mrs. Ames (Math and Reading) -
Mrs. Rapoza (SS/Sci/Writing and Reading) -

Mr. Schaffner (SS/Sci/Writing and Reading) -
Mrs. Diamond (Math and Reading) -

Have fun, and do your best!