Monday, February 6, 2017

Dear Students,
You will have time in class to work on your Tri-Fold Boards in class today.  Please check off items below as you finish them.
If tomorrow is a Blizzard Bag Day, you will be asked to finish up items for your Invention Tri-fold Board in your Google Docs/Google Classroom in place of social studies and writing.  In place of reading, students are asked to practice their speech for their commercial for at least ten minutes.  Students should also make or bring in any props needed for their commercial on Wednesday.  Then spend time practicing answering the questions the judges may ask you on the back of this page.  For students who don't have access to the internet or the internet is unavailable, they will be asked to write out what you want on your boards so that it can be typed in class.  Students must stay within their color scheme when creating colored documents.  
Students will still need to complete their regular math blizzard bag assignment and special assignment (this includes Health!), following the normal Tuesday schedule.
The Grade 6 Team
Create the following pages in Google Doc (or Microsoft Word) or hand write if internet is not available:  (You may either add the files to your Google Classroom or share the documents with Mrs. Rapoza/Mr. Schaffner.)
________  Name of invention
________ Question and Answer (ex.  Do you wish...)
________  Explain why you created the invention (problem)
________  Explain how your invention solves the problem (purpose and solution)
________  Explain how your invention works
________  Price and where it will be sold
________  Name, Grade, School, Town
________  Target audience (age, gender, etc.)
Student Signature: _______________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: __________________________

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Blizzard Bag Instructions!

Welcome to the Blizzard Bag page for the entire sixth grade! While we hope you get a chance to enjoy our winter wonderland, remember that today counts as a school day. Complete your assignments neatly and thoroughly. Your assignments are due within two days of our snow day. You will be considered absent on a Blizzard Bag Day if you miss the forty-eight hour deadline, but you will still need to make up the work. We will be available online from 8:00-9:00 AM and from 12:30-2:30 PM to answer questions. You can email us at:

Mrs. Ames (Math and Reading) -
Mrs. Rapoza (SS/Sci/Writing and Reading) -

Mr. Schaffner (SS/Sci/Writing and Reading) -
Mrs. Diamond (Math and Reading) -

Have fun, and do your best!